• silk screen printing
  • peel-off lacquer
  • carbon prints with coating thickness ≥ 15 μm

For the various fields of applications, we generally use halogen-free solder resists.
Our classic standard coating is the green XV501 HF produced from the company ”Coates” which is cast on the PCB. For other coatings and colours we use a silk-screen printing method.

Tolerances for luminous exposure: ≤ 50 μm
Bridges between the SMD-pads depending on the final surface: ≥ 80 μm
Plugging of PCBs with filling print without elevations: up to 0.60 mm
Colour pallet: green (standard)
white, yellow, red, blue,
black (matt and glossy)

Carbon print: technical options, layout and tolerances

Carbon print: technical options, layout and tolerances

Carbon is used for keyboard contacts, LCD-contacts and contact plugs.
Due to the fact that carbon is applied via silk-screen printing, the precision is closely tied to the copper thickness. All following data are based on a CU-level of approximately 40 µm.

In order to realise the carbon print, the following layout requirements have to be taken into account:

Layout requirements 
Carbon coating thickness: 15-30 µm
Printing width min. (B): ≥ 0.30 mm
Insulation distance carbon / carbon (K): ≥ 0.30 mm
Insulation distance carbon / copper: ≥ 0.30 mm
Overlapping carbon / copper (M): ≥ 0.30 mm
Distance carbon / solder resist mask (R): ≥ 0.30 mm
Overlapping carbon / solder resist mask: ≥ 0.40 mm
Contour definition of the carbon: ≤ 0.15 mm