The core ingredients of our operational company philosophy are the development of innovative products and their environmentally responsible production, constant quality control and quality improvement as well as an optimisation of our advisory skills for the benefit of our customers.

Always a bit quicker ...

... try it, our express service is simply unbeatable!

You deliver your data by 8.30 a.m. and we deliver

  • samples and small runs up to 1 m² within one working day,
  • medium runs of up to 30 m² within two working days,
  • larger runs up to 80 m² within three to four working days
  • and IMS and multilayers for medium and large runs on request.

Quick, reliable and top quality – with us your projects are in the best of hands!

Always more aware ...

... because the environment is very important to us!

We guaranty

  • environmentally friendly production processes
  • conformity with the RoHS Directives (lead-free production of electronics)
  • production of halogen-free products
  • continuous research and innovation, especially regarding environmental compatibility.

Technology and ecological principles are no contradiction for us – plus providing highest quality and reliability!

Anything but ordinary ...

... because we love the challenge!

We offer intelligent solutions – far exceeding standard PCB technology:

  • IMS for optimised thermal management, e.g. for LED technology
  • recyclable materials
  • thick copper technology, e.g. for solar technology
  • copper plated outer edges as EMC-shield for various applications
  • deep milling as EMC-shield for components

We are constantly developing and advancing in meeting your challenges!

Always more efficient ...

... when it comes to professional thermal management!

We offer intelligent solutions for heat dissipation:

  • thermo-vias for the vertical heat dissipation
  • thick copper for the horizontal heat dissipation
  • PCBs with aluminium cores (IMS)
  • heat sink (compound or aluminium composite)
  • ultra white and deep black for lighting

Optimised for power LEDs, high-power LEDs, transmission controllers, power transistors and much more!