technoboards KRONACH GmbH succeeds in meeting automotive Industry Standards

technoboards KRONACH GmbH erfüllt erneut Automobilnorm

Again, the excellent quality management system of the German PCB specialist proved to be outstanding: The technical examiners once more confirmed that technoboards KRONACH meets all qualifications required under the automotive industry standards ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949.

Meeting the high demands of the automotive, consumer electronics, telecommunications, medical engineering and industrial electronics sectors is one of the core competencies of the owner-managed enterprise. Besides multilayer, bi-layer and single-sided PCBs, technoboards KRONACH increasingly concentrates on specialized technologies and custom-made individual solutions. Besides, the Franconian model company ranks among the top suppliers for IMS switches "Made in Germany".

In addition to the automotive industry standards, technoboards KRONACH is also certified under the environmental management system standard ISO 14001 and possess the respective UL approval. In the near future, the company will also apply for the certification under DIN EN 60950-1 VDE.

Know-how, experience, innovations and certified premium quality make technoboards KRONACH the partner of choice for demanding and sophisticated customers!

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Black is beautiful!

Black is beautiful

technoboards KRONACH proudly presents its black PCB

technoboards KRONACH expands its product portfolio by a further specialised solution: Our new, all-black PCB is perfectly suited for any application where light impact may cause negative effects like for example in case of sensors, illuminated displays etc.

The black basic material guarantees a minimum reflection of the background and thus an enhanced contrast. Only green solder stop is employed and even at the drill holes no light can shine through thanks to the use of the all-black material.

With this innovation, technoboards KRONACH offers the perfect solution for the optimum use of PCBs in light technology. With black, we shed light in the dark!

technoboards KRONACH GmbH passes Audit by prominent German Automotive Supplier with flying Colours

Black is beautiful

The strong market position of the Kronach PCB specialist has been clearly confirmed through the extremely successful audit (97%) by one of Germany’s most important automotive suppliers.

The high degree of reliability (delivery dependability nearly 100%), the flexibility (express service for prototypes and high-volume productions) as well as technical consulting services in combination with top quality standards are the main factors for the high degree of customer loyalty. The company has increasingly concentrated on special applications and thus offers a broad range of special materials in terms of high TG and recyclable materials as well as high-frequency in this context.

The majority of the turnover is generated in the automotive and industrial electronics industries featuring almost exclusively large scale and highly renowned companies as customers. In the past years, the PCB specialist has moreover managed to create and expand a considerable edge in the field of professional thermal management, such as aluminium PCBs for LED technology. The field of consumer electronics, in particular TV, has no longer a significant share of turnover since a number of years. This sector has successively been replaced by new projects in the fields of automotive and industrial electronics.

The company that has been independent and owner-managed since 2004 is certified under TS 16949, ISO 14001 as well as UL and has longstanding experience in the field of automotive electronics. In the near future, the certification for medical technology under ISO 13485 is planned.