Depending on the production specification, you have the choice between the following machining methods:

Milling of all radii
Through the implementation of various milling tools, radii from 0.40 mm upwards are possible. Radii of 0.40 mm to 0.60 mm are extremely tool- and work-intensive and thus rather costly compared to radii > 0.80 mm. Optimum tool for the contouring is a milling cutter of 2.00 mm that produces a radius of 1.00 mm.

As standard for scoring, 25°-blades are used.


Countersink drillings with a depth tolerance of 50 μm
Countersink drillings with a depth tolerance of 50 μm: Countersink drillings can be produced with 60°, 90° und 120° and variable diameters. These tools are not standardised and have to be custom-made to fit the respective specifications.

Chamfering of plug-in contacts for individual units or in blanks
In our company we use a standard of 25°.

Deep milling
The tolerance is 50 μm and is possible in various designs. Please contact us if required.